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Missing Stories

My name is Mr. Mahesh M Londhe,a teacher by profession.I love finding the missing ones.It is very satisfying philanthropic work that I can take up with minimal cost and therefore decided to float this blogpage.
Please feel free to post the details of someone missing in your life.Locate your friends,get in touch with ;for life is too short.Moment of reunion could be a new life itself.Thanks.


Mr Mahesh M Londhe said...

CASE #1#
Rekha Rao,is a Physician from DC.In 1950's a couple Mr.Soli Wadia and his wife Mithoo Wadia were her family friends.They were like aunt and uncle for her in relationship.This couple has a son ; who was living in Rustom Baugh,Byculla.Their Apartment faced a mill near the entrance.Mrs Rekha Rao visited them in in 1977.
We would be obliged if somebody can help her reach the missing ones with success.If you have any piece of information,please inform her directly at


Mr Mahesh M Londhe said...

This case is solved and details can be had from Mr Khushro.His email address is

Mr Mahesh M Londhe said...

CASE #2#
There is Mr. Shetty trying to reconnect with a friend Hufrish Barucha working for Hermes Travel and cargo at Fort Bombay during 1981.Shetty thereafter has joined Bank in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) and has lost touch with Hufrish.Mr. Shetty wrote to her after settling down in Muscat and visited her working place during his visit to India.But couldnot locate her.She was staying in Tardeo.If anybody has information about her please write to

Mr Mahesh M Londhe said...

CASE#3# Someone is looking for Mr. Farhad Adi Umrigar. He studied with me at Billimoria High School, Panchgani upto 1984.At present, he must be 37 years old. His father Adi was a ship captain. He used to stay at Sea Mist, Pali Road, Bandra, Mumbai. If you get any information about him, please post me at Thank you.

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