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Moment you shop online clicking on banners  over here,you pay only for your product and nothing extra .Still without paying a single penny extra ; you donate us.This happens because when you click on the ad and buy we get paid.When these small amounts accrue,we in the end donate funds to various NGOs.One of which is Childline India Foundation. If you have any friends or family who wish... to shop online and also be a donor to support good causes then our Shoppe is a right place to shop,so lets connect.


Online Charity Shops

There are so many people suffering from various life situations, with no one to help them. Given an opportunity, perhaps, almost all of us would like to donate, and does some charity work. However, the biggest roadblock in this could come in the fact that none of us have the time to actually go out to charities and donate the money. Am I correct? What if I told you that now you don’t have to go anywhere? Rather the opportunity to donate will come to you directly at your doorstep. Wondering how is that possible?

Here’s a look at all the benefits associated with this type of shopping –

The opportunity to serve the society – one of the biggest plus points about online charity shopping is that it gives you the opportunity to help others. While earlier you had to rush everywhere in search of places where you could donate the money and serve the society, with this online option you can eventually save yourself from all the hassle and have the opportunity to do some good work. After all, serving others is the greatest pleasure.
And, that too without paying anything extra – now, this might come as a surprise for you, but with online charity shops, like The Generous Shopper, you don’t have to pay anything extra while shopping, rather when you shop for regular stuff required for your day-to-day life, a part of it will be given to the people in need of that money. So you can do the good work, without having to worry about spending anything extra from your pocket.

Shop for your day-to-day stuff – the biggest doubt that might be lurking in your mind is what sort of products can you buy on these online charity shops? Right? Well, this is the best part. You can simply shop for stuff that you use in your daily life and that too from some of the most trusted brands in the market. So, you can be sure that the money you are spending is not going to get wasted rather it will come to use for both you and the person at the receiving end of the charity.
I don’t think there is anything more left to say about this latest form of charity work that you can do online. With so many perksFree Web Content, and the fact that the shopping done by you might change someone else’ life makes only charity shops one of the best inventions that internet has managed to bring forward.




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