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Countries around the World 
How many of the countries in the world can you name? Simply type the name of a country in the text box; if it’s correct it will be highlighted in the map.
Quiz Notes - Since the world is such a crowded place we couldn’t, however much we tried, match the positioning of all of the country ‘name labels’ to the country’s position on the map. For this Countries of the World quiz we have included many small country and island nations however the scale of the map means that they don’t actually show on the map. For this quiz we have not included principalities and territories.


General Knowledge

General Knowledge Quiz

This General Knowledge Quiz is one of our ladder quizzes designed to test your general knowledge quiz acumen.

Every quiz level get’s more and more difficult as we delve into niche general knowledge topics and design trickier questions to catch out even the most hardened quiz players out there!

If you believe your general knowledge stretches from the realms of classical music to Caribbean Islands then this quiz could be just for you. Remember, you if you fail to climb to the next level you can always go back and start again. Good luck and we hope to see you at the top of the ladder.

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