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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Book Review : Animal Lovers

This is a Book Review: Kindred Spirits: 
             How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way we Live By Allen M. Dvm Ms Schoen

This book is a must read for all animal lovers. Dr. Shoen is a veterinarian who truly loves not only his work, but also animals in general. Animal lab testing and the way many of the livestock on farms and elsewhere is treated horrify him. He is a kind, tenderhearted person who truly believes and practices what he preaches.

He has left the comfort of his warm home and ventured out in the middle of a freezing night, to drive many miles, to aid an animal in a life-threatening, difficult labor- who without the aid of Dr. Schoen, could have- and in all probability would have died, if Schoen was not there to help pull the baby animal into the world.

He tells several amazing, anecdotal animal stories that happen between animals and their companions. Schoen shares his story of his own golden retriever, named Megan, who responded to injured animals, or their owners who were clearly upset. She would try to comfort them with loving licks of compassion.

Dr. Schoen is trying to lean animal companions and other veterinarians, to more of a holistic approach to animal care. He has learned that animals need emotional care, just as much as a human being. They feel emotional pain and 'hurt feelings', much like a human does. So if you deny an animal the treatment of their emotional needs, as well as their physical, then you are not providing your animal companion with the full treatment needed to help them heal completely and wholly.

Schoen has been a pioneer in alternative therapies since 1981. He is a founder and director of the Center for Integrative Animal Health, where he expands readers' awareness of veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and other complementary approaches.

Kindred Spirits shows us the benefits of having deep, meaningful human-animal bonds. He offers seven ways to foster a spiritual bond with your pet, as well as diet therapy, which helps prevent cancer in an all-natural way. The back of the book offers an extensive appendix of resources.

He covers many topics- from the reason behind the rise of food allergies in animals, disorders of the immune system, aging and ailing, to how to think like an animal, cancer and how important the role of love and touch truly is. Dr. Schoen offers excellent advice of what to do when more can be done, and if all has been done and there is nothing else you can do- he teaches you the hardest thing for us all -- how to let go.

In this special book, Kindred Spirits, Dr. Schoen shows us how beneficial holistic medicine can be, when combined with traditional methods.

I know readers will enjoy his humor and his insightful knowledge and intuitiveness he shares with us on the human/animal bond. He also takes us through history, showing us the attitude toward animals throughout time. He shows us how our domination over animals in the past, was always used as permission for atrocities- because people used the naive reasoning that animals did not 'feel' emotions; and how those very thoughts still affect the way many treat animals today. I guarantee this book will make you look at the social attitude toward animals in a whole new light- perhaps, helping make more people take a stand and demand cruelty against animals, are put to an end, and for those who do continue to act cruel to animals will indeed pay for their unacceptable behavior.

This heart-warming book, full of tender stories, will bring you many smiles, and would also make the perfect gift to all of your animal lover friends/family,or perhaps an even better gift to those who don't quite understand our bond with our animals.


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