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Monday, March 20, 2017

Charity Businesses

Charity Businesses

Charity companies produce the world an improved place; altruistic pursuits undoubtedly are a great solution to compile mother and fath...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Toy Donations and Charity Work

It takes a caring and special person to undertake charity work, as it takes that same special character to make charity donations. Charity work can be a long, hard and sometimes laborious task – however, highly rewarding for the individual doing it and the recipient of the benefits. Anybody can now be an active part of charity work and have the ability to make a personalized donation to the charity of their choice from an extensive list of children´s charities and organizations.
When I say charity work, it can take several avenues of thought to the reader – on this occasion I would ask you to consider the efforts made by people that spend the time to establish methods of charity work. Their work enables individuals in need to directly receive a donation made by a member of the community – whether this is a local or national cause. To give a great example of this, I would like you to consider a company which established themselves in order to provide as many smiles on as many faces as they could imagine. I should also mention here that they have done a tremendous job to date, and their charity work is improving every hour.
The company I am referring to is known as Wonfurwons, and they pledge to change the world one toy at a time, in which they are succeeding simply because one toy that is donated by them creates numerous smiles across the nation – allow me to explain a little further. When it comes to charity work Wonfurwons reaches for the sky to find their limit, and they have implemented a truly magnificent system. For each stuffed animal toy you purchase to create a smile for your child or your loved one, you have the option to select another stuffed animal and a charity of your choice from the ever growing list. Your contribution to charity work is recognized here, and your donation will go to a child´s hospital bed to create another smile for them. This is a smile that will transfer to their family and care workers – and it doesn´t end there because the tremendous value that you will feel in yourself will do no less that give you a smile that you can wear with pride.
So, charity work, hospital donations, the donation of toys – all of this combined into one revolutionary process gives a truly new meaning to charity work and the donation process. I have never heard of a process that takes donations to this level of personalization and gives you the knowledge that you really did make a difference today. Be sure to pass by so that you can be one of the outstanding community members that is aiding in this effort to improve the world and creating as many smiles as possibleBusiness Management Articles, one toy at a time and very effectively.

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The way to make charity donations easily by using a credit card

If you are searching to give a lot more funds to charity, or you might be just seeking for a way to donate money speedily and easily, then a charitable charge card could be the correct option to suit your needs.

A charity card is just like every other charge card in a lot of ways. You are nonetheless borrowing funds from your lender to make your purchases, you're nonetheless billed interest on outstanding balances and you might still pay a yearly fee to use the card.

The only difference between a charity card and a normal credit card is that with a charity card a small portion of every purchase you make on the card will be donated to the charity of your choice. The percentage is usually small, around one or two percent, so it may seem like you are not donating much to the charity but if you shop regular this small amount can quickly add up.

The main benefit of using a credit card that automatically donates money is that you don’t need to think about it. You can forget all about making your regular donation, because it will all happen automatically as you shop with your charity card.

There is also a small negative with these cards, and that is you will likely not receive any rewards that you would normally expect from using a card such as air miles or gift cards. This is because the percentage value of rewards that the credit card company would normally give you will instead be given to your chosen charity.

There are two ways that you can get one of these cards. The first way is to talk to your current credit card company about switching your current rewards for a cash donation. With many cards you will even be able to do this without talking to the credit company. Many of these companies will reward you with points for using your card and you are given a wide choice of what you can spend your reward points on, in many cases you can spend the reward points on a donation card to a popular charity.

The second way you can get a charity credit card is by going straight to your favourite charity and asking whether they offer there own card. Some of the larger charitable organisations issues there own credit cards that will automatically donate a portion of money spent on them.

Follow these suggestions and choose a donations card today, make going shopping fun and charitable!

For a little more data on charity credit cards look at our internet site. We have some excellent tips about college students credit cards that may have the ability to assist you.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

Thousands of people get their financial lives in order and to maximize the money they have for themselves. That said, being frugal doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give back to the causes that matter to us. We believe that, in addition to helping others, being involved in charity also helps us remember what’s really important.

If you regularly donate money to charity, we salute you. If you feel like your budget is too stretched to hand over a chunk of money, there are still plenty of things you can do to give back to the community—for free.

You Know Volunteering can be a painless way to give back to the community, especially if you do it with your family or a group of friends. If you aren’t sure whether you’d rather work at your local soup kitchen or build houses through Habitat for Humanity, there are lots of excellent resources to help you find the best charity match for you. Our favorites include Jumo, VolunteerMatch, and Idealist. You can find local volunteer opportunities on your phone through the Catalista app, too.

Volunteer Virtually

Sparked is a great way to volunteer online in your spare time by helping nonprofits meet challenges that they face, based on your interests and skills. This could mean everything from basic graphic design to research to copywriting. For example, if you have experience with social media, you might spend a short while brainstorming for ways to connect with people to help fight cancer. Similarly, download the Give Work iPhone app to help give work to Kenyan refugees and offset costs. It works when companies outsource online tasks to Kenyan refugees (like confirming that certain images are of what they say they are, or picking out spam comments on a blog). Through the app, you can spend a few minutes looking over these apps, performing quality control and training the Kenyan staff, enabling companies to keep outsourcing these tasks to provide work to these refugees.

Make Closet-Cleaning Charitable

Go through your closet to pick out clothing that you know you won’t be wearing again. We recently parted with a cardigan we used to love but haven’t worn in two years—it was hard, but worthwhile when we donated it to a charity that will let someone else get use out of it. For exactly how to go about donating your clothes and how to decide where to give, check out our article on the right way to donate your clothes.

Double Your Donation

Get free money for your charitable donations through work—many corporations will match their employees’ donations up to 100 percent, which means double the impact. If your firm offers this, we encourage you to think about taking advantage of it, since it’s a unique opportunity to make your money go twice as far for a cause you believe in. To find out if your firm participates, try searching your internal company website and looking for tabs with names like “corporate responsibility,” “volunteering,” or “community affairs.” You can also try entering your company’s name into Google with the word “Foundation” after it to see whether your company has its own charitable foundation. If nothing else, try contacting human resources to see if they can help you track down special charitable programs.

Unleash the Internet

The internet abounds with ways to give back for free. For the most part, this is possible because advertisers are willing to pay for eyeballs or publicity, so certain websites have sprung up to capitalize on that, and then donate the money to somewhere good. Here are some of our favorite options.

Browse for a Cure

Install the Firefox plugin Browse For A Cause, which silently runs in the background and donates a percentage of your purchases to charity. For example, websites like Amazon kick back a small percentage to referring sites (usually 3% to 5%). Browse For A Cause takes that money and donates it entirely to a charity of your choice.


Join SocialVibe to help support your favourite causes and organizations, like the World Wildlife Fund, suicide prevention organization To Write Love On Her Arms, Charity: Water, and more. To raise money for your cause, complete certain brand activities (like posting a message about a certain brand on your Facebook page), for which sponsors will donate money to one of over 40 nonprofits.


Clothing and accessories company Shabby Apple will donate 5 cents to help women develop their own businesses through Kiva, a microlending resource, for every new person who “likes” them on Facebook.

Free Rice

When you have a few spare minutes at work or while you’re procrastinating from something else, play the vocabulary game at Free Rice and donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for each correct answer. It’s free to you, as it’s funded by sponsors who advertise on the site.

The Breast Cancer Site

Donate to worthy organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation through The Breast Cancer Site. All you have to do is visit and click a button; you can do this every day to help provide free mammograms to women in need. Click on the tabs at the top to visit similar sites to help end hunger, child health, aid literacy, animal rescue, and the rain forest.


Using a similar model, you can click once per day for additional causes through Care2, which uses advertiser money to fund organizations like Children International.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

PETA – Voice Against Animal Abuse

Animals - our soul buddies and true associates, who cannot communicate but has the inclination to feel and express. A person of any age group has the affection with the animals mostly with the pet animals such as cats and dogs. It is put right by the specialists that they wash away the loneliness and is considered as a good friend. The senior adults have more affection towards the companions as they play a keen role in their life. It is also proven by the doctors that pets provide good health to the human being and an aged person can recover faster with the company of dogs rather than admitted to a hospital. In spite of having a great importance of pet animals or animals in our life they are abused like anything.
  Innocent animals are being killed every new day for some or the other reason. In order to avoid and to take the safety measures to prohibit the animal abuse, Ingrid Newkirk an International president has led an American animal rights organization named as “PETA” based in Norfolk, Virginia. The term PETA means a group of “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, this organization is a non- profit corporation with more than 300 employees, and two million supporters and members working for this association all around the world. It is the world’s largest animal rights group aimed to protect the animals. They follow slogan “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment”.
This association was founded in March 1980 and grabbed the public attention one year later, when followers of PETA raised their voice against Silver Spring Monkeys case, which was widely publicized argument about the experiments conducted on seventeen macaque monkeys (a constitute of genus of Old World Monkeys) inside the institute of Behavioural Research in Silver Spring, Marigold. Subsequently then, in its campaigns and undercover investigations, it has focused on four major issues such as fur farming, animal testing, animals in entertainment and factory farming it also held the campaigns against the killing of animals regarded as pests, cock fighting, fishing, bullfighting and dog fighting. Animal right is not only a philosophy; it is a social effort that challenges society’s traditional view that all non-human animals exist merely for human use.
Zeenat Aman, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Hema Malini, choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar and his wife who is a supermodel, Jesse Randhawa, R Madhavan  and many more have given their high-profile support to this organization. R Madhavan, Indian actor of Hindi and Tamil movies is a great supporter of PETA association. They bind together and exposed the cruelty of Meat, Egg and Dairy Industry. PETA offers the reward of Rs.10, 000 for the people who help nabbing the killers of Dozens of DogsFeature Articles, they also offers free dissection software to schools that stop cutting up the animals.
According to me it is every individual’s obligation to contribute a bit and criticize against the killing of animals and their abuse they are indeed a good companion of us.


How You Can Help Fight Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is something that is close to many people's hearts. Many think of it as an abuse that is akin to child abuse, since animals are also defenseless against the hands or neglect of humans.

It tends to rouse similar anger and outrage as well, and there are now many agencies that are set up to help prevent animal cruelty, and also shelters where rescued animals find solace and comfort from their abusive or neglectful environments.

Years ago, there were not even any laws set up to protect animals from abuse, and abusers were able to get away with doing just about anything they wanted without consequence.

Now, there are animal protection laws set up in almost every state, and if you are found guilty of inhumane treatment of an animal, you are subject to anything from fines to community service, to jail time.

While we've come a long way in legislating animal protection laws, there is still room for improvement, as they are not stiff enough penalties in most people's eyes, and it seems that it's still taken rather lightly.

While I'm not aligned with the extreme mentality of animal rights groups that preach vegetarianism and use tactics that I don't deem appropriate to get their point across, I certainly admire what they are trying to do, which is drawing attention to the animal kingdom and getting the word out that our furry friends need our help when they do not have a voice of their own to defend themselves.

One can read about stories of inhumane treatment weekly in any newspaper, and some of the stories are enough to make one nauseous. There are stories of animals left in homes without food or water, in their own waste and crawling with fleas and ticks, stories of farm animals abandoned, neglected, underfed and abused, and horrifying tales of household pets being beaten, starved, deprived of care, and even killed at the hands of the very people who are supposed to take care of them, that all still need to be addressed.

There are some steps you can take to make sure you are not a silent voice in the quest to prevent animal cruelty, you just need to be aware of your surroundings and know what to look for.

You can report any suspicions to the local police, or if you have an agency that works with abused animals, you can call on them to investigate and rectify also, usually the APL (Animal Protective League) and other similar shelters and animal rights nonprofit organizations will be able to help as well.

Some of the signs to look for you may already know, as most people who are animal lovers have a built in instinct for knowing when an animal has been abused or neglected. Many animals who have been physically abused will be hand shy.

They will not want to come near you or any other person, and may be especially leery of their owners or react in an aggressive way toward them or others.

While this does not always indicate abuse, as some animals are just tempered that way, it is a good underlying factor to look at when determining if an animal has been physically abused.

If an animal has patches of fur missing or looks extremely thin, or even if they are overrun with fleas, this may indicate neglect. Another one to look for is animals that you see outside on extremely cold days, tied to a chain for hours without any warm shelter. This is dangerous and can be abuse if the animal does not have a place of shelter to retreat to.

Likewise if they are left chained outside for hours without food or water - water of course being the most vital of the two. Use your judgment, there are always animals that may be acclimated to certain situations, but if you consistently see this, and are suspicious it may be worth an investigation by an officer of an animal protection agency or the police department.

Of course the most obvious thing to look out for is actually witnessing an act of animal abuse. If you see a person physically assaulting an animal, please make sure you report this immediately, as this is the most blatant and obvious form of animal abuse and certainly warrants a report for investigation.

If we all do our part in preventing animal cruelty, we can make this world a better and safer place for our furry friends who entrust us with their life and well being. If we don't look out for them, who will?


Book Review : Animal Lovers

This is a Book Review: Kindred Spirits: 
             How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way we Live By Allen M. Dvm Ms Schoen

This book is a must read for all animal lovers. Dr. Shoen is a veterinarian who truly loves not only his work, but also animals in general. Animal lab testing and the way many of the livestock on farms and elsewhere is treated horrify him. He is a kind, tenderhearted person who truly believes and practices what he preaches.

He has left the comfort of his warm home and ventured out in the middle of a freezing night, to drive many miles, to aid an animal in a life-threatening, difficult labor- who without the aid of Dr. Schoen, could have- and in all probability would have died, if Schoen was not there to help pull the baby animal into the world.

He tells several amazing, anecdotal animal stories that happen between animals and their companions. Schoen shares his story of his own golden retriever, named Megan, who responded to injured animals, or their owners who were clearly upset. She would try to comfort them with loving licks of compassion.

Dr. Schoen is trying to lean animal companions and other veterinarians, to more of a holistic approach to animal care. He has learned that animals need emotional care, just as much as a human being. They feel emotional pain and 'hurt feelings', much like a human does. So if you deny an animal the treatment of their emotional needs, as well as their physical, then you are not providing your animal companion with the full treatment needed to help them heal completely and wholly.

Schoen has been a pioneer in alternative therapies since 1981. He is a founder and director of the Center for Integrative Animal Health, where he expands readers' awareness of veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and other complementary approaches.

Kindred Spirits shows us the benefits of having deep, meaningful human-animal bonds. He offers seven ways to foster a spiritual bond with your pet, as well as diet therapy, which helps prevent cancer in an all-natural way. The back of the book offers an extensive appendix of resources.

He covers many topics- from the reason behind the rise of food allergies in animals, disorders of the immune system, aging and ailing, to how to think like an animal, cancer and how important the role of love and touch truly is. Dr. Schoen offers excellent advice of what to do when more can be done, and if all has been done and there is nothing else you can do- he teaches you the hardest thing for us all -- how to let go.

In this special book, Kindred Spirits, Dr. Schoen shows us how beneficial holistic medicine can be, when combined with traditional methods.

I know readers will enjoy his humor and his insightful knowledge and intuitiveness he shares with us on the human/animal bond. He also takes us through history, showing us the attitude toward animals throughout time. He shows us how our domination over animals in the past, was always used as permission for atrocities- because people used the naive reasoning that animals did not 'feel' emotions; and how those very thoughts still affect the way many treat animals today. I guarantee this book will make you look at the social attitude toward animals in a whole new light- perhaps, helping make more people take a stand and demand cruelty against animals, are put to an end, and for those who do continue to act cruel to animals will indeed pay for their unacceptable behavior.

This heart-warming book, full of tender stories, will bring you many smiles, and would also make the perfect gift to all of your animal lover friends/family,or perhaps an even better gift to those who don't quite understand our bond with our animals.


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